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Challenges of the PR Industry in 2018

15 May Challenges of the PR Industry in 2018

When talking about communication trends in Serbia, we cannot simply say they are moving, but rather sprinting towards digital. Social networks are now the first to publish news – not traditional media. Monitoring current trends, including digitalization, stands out as one of the top three challenges of the profession. The second, is maintaining the reputation of the profession. As reputation is built on continous improvement through education, upgrading skills and training staff, all of us who work in communications should seek to understand digital and be up to date on the latest digital trends. By improving the professionalism of the industry it will ultimately lead to a new perception of the PR industry as a whole, which is often wrongly identified as a “champagne profession”. The third major challenge, due to development of technology and social media, is giving timely responses, especially in crisis situations. In this case, clients must put aside procedures despite all strategies, because often we have to deal with “real time” PR. The power of images, especially in these situations are increasing with classic press releases slowly dieing…

The basic components of PR are planning, analyzing, lobbying, public relations and media relations, and many other aspects that are essential to establishing a good communication plan.
There are four major players, the client, the agency, the media and the public, the magic formula for balancing all four: trust-partnership-content-sincerity. We have heard many times, but it is worth repeating – that the client and the agency should work with each other, not seperately. Transparency is the key to good relations. Whatever we do privately or in business we must retain our integrity.

Maša Vučković, Media Relation Director New Moment


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